Dr. Jake Owens (Ph.D.)                           LinkedIn profile

Jake L. Owens defended his thesis on July 2nd 2020 and is continuing his work in the lab. His focus is to identify and characterize novel therapeutic targets to enhance radiation therapy for cancer treatment. He has won several presentation awards and fellowships. Most notably, he won the Jenkins-Knevel award of outstanding research in the Purdue College of Pharmacy for his thesis work. Outside of the lab, Jake plays soccer in two leagues and enjoys playing music (piano, guitar, and sings). With a passion for scientific communication, he will pursue a career in medical writing or scientific journal editing. He enjoys communicating science to all audiences and feels this is a way he can make an impact on society.

Elena Beketova


Elena is a fourth-year student in the PULSe program. Her research focuses on the epigenetic changes driving castration-resistant and neuroendocrine prostate cancer. Prior to coming to Purdue, Elena received her Master degree in Biochemistry at Moscow State University and worked at the Novartis company. In her free time, Elena likes to dance swing and blues and to play with her doggie Tesla.

Andrew Asberry


Andrew is a second year student in the PULSe program. His research focuses on the mechanisms of therapy-induced neuroendocrine differentiation in cancer cells. With a background is in analytical chemistry, he spent over six years in Industry at Dow Chemical. Currently, Andrew is utilizing multidisciplinary approaches including proteomics, genomics, computational, and structural biology to address how cancers evade treatment. Outside of lab, he enjoys running/biking with friends, cooking, and playing guitar. After graduating, Andrew will seek a postdoc position in drug development.

Xuehong Deng

Xuehong is the lab manager for Hu Lab. In addition to overseeing smooth operation of the lab and lab environment, she focuses on novel and pilot projects in the lab. She is also extensively involved in collaborations with internal and external Hu lab collaborators. Outside of the lab, Xuehong enjoys cooking and gardening.

Regina Nam, M.Sc.


Regina finished undergrad at UCS and completed research at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center. She finished my M.S. in GIST, S. Korea, with main research focused on cancer metabolism. Regina will continue to study reprogrammed metabolism by PRMT5 in Dr. Hu’s lab. Outside of the lab, she likes to watch movies, go running, and play tennis. 

Dr. Qi Shen, Ph.D.

Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Dr. Shen is a visiting scholar from Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In the Hu lab, he is mainly dedicated to the research of genetically modified mouse models and the study of the mechanism of neuroendocrine transformation in lung and pancreatic cancers. 

Hu Lab Alumni and Past Members

Graduate Students:

  • Sarah Kelsey (2015-2016). Subsequent Position: Research Assistant

  • Geon Oh (2013-2015). Subsequent Position: Graduate Student

  • Chih-chao Hsu (2007-2012). Subsequent Position: Postdoc at MD Anderson

  • Chris Suarez (2007-2012). Subsequent Position: Postdoc at Notre Dame

  • Holli Duren (2005-2010). Subsequent Position: Director of Molecular Diagnosis Lab

  • John Shyu (2003-2008). Subsequent Position: Globe Manager at Corning Inc

  • Susan Hiatt (2003-2008). Subsequent Position: Senior Scientist at HudsonAlpha institute for Biotechnology

  • Tim Husk (2003-2005). Subsequent Position: Scientist at DEA



  • Brij Nath Tewar (2017-2018). Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, India

  • Yutaka Kodama (2009-2010). Subsequent Position: Associate Professor at Utsunomiya University

  • Han Liu (2003-2007). Subsequent Position: Research Scientist at USC


Recent Undergraduate Researchers (26 in total since 2003):

  • Esther Park (2018-current)

  • Jonathan Malola (2016-2019). Subsequent Position: Pharmacy Student at Purdue

  • Athena He (2016-2017). Subsequent Position: Pharmacy Student at Purdue

  • Elisha Martin (216-2017): Subsequent Position: Pharmacy Student at Purdue

  • George Grabtree (2015-2016). Subsequent Position: Scientific associate (Medical Writer) for PRECISIONvalue (New Jersey)

  • Limin Zhang (2014). Subsequent Position: Pharmacist

  • Jose Rivera-Fores (2012-2013): Subsequent Position: Pharmacist


Visiting Scholars:

  • Jie (Jason) Yang (2019-2020)

  • Yi Liu (2019-2020)

  • Jing yue Yan (2018). Subsequent Position: Graduate Student at The Ohio State University

  • Hai Xue (2017-2018): Subsequent Position: Associate Professor and Department Chair of Endocrinology at Jianghan University Affiliated Hospital

  • Genbao Shao (2015-2016). Subsequent Position: Associate Professor at Jiangsu University

  • Yihang Wu (2014-2015). Subsequent Position: Professor and Chair at Jiliang University

  • Huantian Zhang (2012-2014). Subsequent Position: Associate Professor at Jinan University

  • Huan Dou (2012-2013). Subsequent Position: Associate Professor at Nanjing University

  • Genbao Shao (2010-2011). Subsequent Position:  Professor at Jiangsu University

  • Kazuhito Akasaka (2004-2005). Subsequent Position: Senior Scientist at Kyowa Pharmaceutical

Our Pets

Coco (Xuehong and Dr. Hu's)
Coco (Xuehong and Dr. Hu's)
Coco (Xuehong and Dr. Hu's)
Coco (Xuehong and Dr. Hu's)
Cloud and Chloey (Andrew's)
Cloud and Chloey (Andrew's)
Tesla (Elena's)
Tesla (Elena's)
Tesla (Elena's)
Tesla (Elena's)
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