Welcome to the Hu Lab

Overview of research in the Hu lab
The Hu lab uses multiple approaches (including biochemical, structural, molecular, cellular, imaging, genetic, mice studies, 'omics', clinical patient analysis, and bioinformatics) to study several aspects of cancer. The lab focuses on clinically relevant problems and studies cancer development, progression, and mechanisms of treatment resistance. Currently, we study prostate and lung cancer, but plan to study other cancers in the future. Our goal is to identify and characterize novel therapeutic targets for cancer treatment leading to drugs in clinical trials.


The Hu lab has several research programs that are integrated with technology development, basic biological research, and clinical translation. Recent technology developments involve bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) and BiFC-derived technologies. The basic biological research is centered on the molecular mechanisms of cancer development, progression, growth, and response to treatment. Current work focuses on the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of cancer cell growth and cellular response to cancer treatment including DNA damaging agents and radiation therapy. The translational research is aimed at identifying and assessing therapeutic targets in cancer as well as developing novel targeting strategies. Current work focuses on inhibiting cancer cell growth, inhibiting cancer cell differentiation in response to treatment, sensitizing cancer to DNA damaging treatments, and developing co-targeting strategies to improve current treatments.

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What is it like to be part of the Hu lab team?

The Hu lab prides itself for being a tight-knit team and stresses the importance of teamwork, cooperation, diversity, and inclusion. The lab is well known for how close the lab members are and the great atmosphere.

Each week, lab members will submit a written progress report, have a one-on-one meeting with the PI, and participate in the weekly lab meeting. The lab also holds journal clubs and participates in the weekly cancer center journal club. These experiences give members a chance to improve scientific reading and presentation skills. Members of the lab have won several poster and oral presentation awards and have had the opportunity to present at local and national conferences.

The goal of the Hu lab is to develop independent research ability in order to achieve scientific excellence and career growth. The lab is also supportive of all career choices and will work with each member to maximize their talents and passions to find a perfect career.


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